St. Brigid Cemetery and Mt. Carmel Cemetery Information

**ALL CEMETERY INQUIRIES AND PURCHASES  will be handled by our Cemetery Caretaker, Ed Myers.  You may reach him at 814-931-4190.

PURCHASING A BURIAL PLOT IN EITHER CEMETERY:  There are plots available for purchase in St. Brigid Cemetery (Section D) and Mt. Carmel Cemetery.  Plots for registered parish members are $450.00 per plot, and for non-registered parish members they are $550.00 per plot.  Perpetual Care is included in these prices.  

St. Brigid Cemetery and Mt. Carmel Cemetery PLOT HOLDERS (Rights and Responsibilities):

This is a Catholic Cemetery operated and maintained for the interment of those entitled to Christian burial according to the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Church. This Cemetery is private property. Unless otherwise specified in The Rules and Regulations, the Cemetery is closed from dusk to dawn.

The purchase of a Burial Privilege Certificate, whether in a grave or a crypt, does not acquire title to the property itself.

Plots are for the interment of the plot holder; they may not be sold for profit by holders of Burial Privilege Certificates. All interments must be in accord with Church Law. No symbols or ceremonies, religious or otherwise, may be used or performed that would be contrary or offensive to Catholic principles.

This is a Catholic Cemetery. To keep its distinctly religious nature, only Christian symbols are permitted on the memorials. Scenes depicting a decedent’s occupation, hobbies, interests, fraternal associations, and so on, are not permitted. The depiction of animals as found in Sacred Scripture is appropriate only if the Scripture verse is used with it to show that it is of a religious nature. Therefore, the Management requests a printed diagram showing the design and specifications for each memorial and inscription for advance approval. They must be in proportion to the size of the lot.

Perpetual Care (and Annual Care where it is available) includes filling in sunken graves, seeding, cutting of grass, and trimming around memorials. Care does not include placement, maintenance or repair of any memorials.

To facilitate routine care and maintenance of the Cemetery, plot holders may not plant flowers, shrubs or trees, nor may they erect fences, border arrangements, furniture, or any decorations.

The Management is not liable for damages arising from vandalism, natural disasters, public unrest, or any cause beyond the reasonable control of the Management.

The Management may refuse to open a grave or permit the placement of a memorial when just debts are not paid (e.g. unpaid balance on a plot, annual plot care, or perpetual care) or when there is a question of ownership of the plot.

The Management may, at its discretion, repurchase plots, graves or crypts at original cost minus any outstanding expenses. Any transfer of ownership rights must be made by the Management.

Plot holders are to keep the Management informed of their current address. The address on file will be considered the legal address for notices pertaining to the Cemetery.

Upon the death of a plot holder, all privileges in the plot shall pass to the spouse; then to those named or designated in instructions left for the Cemetery or in the will; finally to those designated according to the Pennsylvania law of intestacy. A new Burial Privilege Certificate is to be issued in all instances by the Management.

All inquiries and business concerning the Cemetery are to be made in writing or by appointment to the above address.

For the safety of all visitors and employees, no glass, ceramic or decorative stone is permitted on the cemetery grounds. For anyone in violation of this rule, the cemetery reserves the right to remove said items immediately.